Impact of Bots and Fake User on Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, we have compiled information on how your business is affected by bots and fake users.


In this whitepaper, we would like to focus on Black Friday and the entire Holiday Season as a time for fraudsters to attack.

After all, this is the period when fraudsters make the most money. All companies usually increase their advertising spends in order to take advantage of the Christmas season. The results for businesses are therefore:

  • High density of advertising by companies
  • Higher click prices for ads
  • Higher acquisition costs for customers

The result for fraudsters is simple: even more money from false clicks on ads.

Learn how your business is affected by bots and fake users on Black Friday, the damage they cause, and how you can protect yourself from them.

Key facts

billion were spent by American consumers on Black Friday 2021
increase in CPL is possible during Black Friday
increase in sales during holiday season 2021
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