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Fake and low-quality traffic eat up to 16% of your ad budgets. We exclude this unwanted traffic from all your media buying channels. Boost your campaign results, win more customers and outperform your competition.

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Übersicht einiger Kunden von fraud0 - dargestellt mit ihren Logos

Fake and low-quality traffic
is eating up your ad budget

0 %
of global traffic originates from bots
0 %
of all ad clicks are invalid / low quality
0 %
of all ad impressions in 2022 were invalid

aggregatred data eMarketer, WSJ, Group M, Juniper Research, Dr. Augustine Fou,

We block fake and low-quality traffic

Make sure your ads are only viewed and clicked by real and converting human users.

Identify unwanted traffic

Using real-time CyberSecurity technology, our engine analyses all the traffic that is coming to your site.


Automatically block unwanted traffic


Improve your ROAS and CPAs


Measure your ads with our ad verification solution

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Who do we block?

With fraud0 your ads are not shown to fraudulent and non-converting sources
Malicious Botnets

A network of computers, smartphones, or IoT devices used to execute malicious attacks.

Low-quality Traffic

Traffic that clicks on your ads but has little or no intention of actually converting. This includes accidental clicks, clicks outside the set region, your competitors etc.

Malicious Publishers

Malicious publishers set up fake websites, fill them with plagiarized content, register them with ad networks, and then direct bot traffic to them.


By routing their traffic through private IP addresses, bot developers obscure their location and identity.

Automation Tools

Fraudsters use tools like Puppeteer or Selenium to create bots that automatically visit websites and click on ads.


Malicious bots that scan websites for specific information such as email addresses, phone numbers, inventory details, or pricing data.

Unwanted traffic infects critical
marketing activities

Fake Clicks

Bots are draining your marketing budget by clicking ads. 16% of all ad clicks are estimated to be fake.

Fake Remarketing

Bots impersonate high-value users including browser history and thus end up in remarketing lists, wasting expensive CPCs.

Fake Audiences

If bots are included when you create your look-alike audiences, your campaigns will continue to be increasingly served to bots.

Fake Optimization

Ad tech algorithms tend to favor ad campaigns that have high click-through rates. However, if these clicks come from bots, your spend on unwanted traffic will gradually increase.

Fake Leads

Bots are now able to fill out forms and thus also profit from cost-per-lead (CPL) campaigns. The result: fake leads in your CRM that cause headaches for your sales team.

Fake CMP Stats

Bots accept cookie banners to collect cookies from websites and impersonate a specific audience. The average opt-in rate across industries is 60.1%. What percentage do bots account for?

Real-time machine learning technology

Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, the system learns how users interact with your website. Anomalous behavior that does not match the specific behavior profile of your website is thus detected in real time and reliably blocked.

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