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of global traffic originates from bots
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of all ad clicks are invalid
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of all ad impressions in 2022 were invalid

aggregated data eMarketer, WSJ, Group M, Juniper Research, Dr. Augustine Fou,

Invalid traffic contaminates your data and analytics

Skewed Data

Invalid traffic skews your performance data, analytics and KPIs, giving you a false impression of your marketing and business performance.

Wrong Decisions

Skewed data clouds customer insights and organizational decision making. It affects budget planning, forecasting, funnel optimization and many more decisions.

Limited Insights

In addition to skewed data, you only get insights into a limited portion of your traffic, because legacy analytics tools require consent first.

Fake Optimization

Ad tech algorithms tend to favor ad campaigns that have high click-through rates. However, if these clicks come from bots, your spend on unwanted traffic will gradually increase.

Fake Leads

Bots are now able to fill out forms and thus also profit from cost-per-lead (CPL) campaigns. The result: fake leads in your CRM that cause headaches for your sales team and may even cause compliance issues for you.

Fake CMP Stats

Bots screw your consent statistic – one of the most important metrics for Online Marketers. The average opt-in rate across industries is 60.1%. What would your real human consent look like?

Protect your data and analytics from bots and invalid traffic

Real Data

Reliably and automatically exclude invalid and fraudulent traffic from your data. Get insights into your true marketing and business performance.

Real Decisions

Prioritize real human users in your decisions. Make the right decisions based on reliable data, real user signals, and a data base you can trust.

Holistic Insights

Get insights into 100% of your data with fraud0 Analytics. The measurement is fully compliant with the GDPR.

Real Optimization

Get insights on 100% of your traffic and detect fake traffic at a glance with our analytics suite. Make important decisions based on real, verified data.

Real Leads

Relieve your sales teams by preventing bots from filling out your forms. Have only data of verified human users in your CRM.

Real CMP Stats

Protect your analytics data from bot-generated traffic. In partnership with Usercentrics, we provide bot-free consent data.

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Protect your data and analytics from bots and invalid traffic

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