Integrate fraud0 Into Your Usercentrics Account

Enable fraud0 AI Bot & Ad Fraud Detection integration in your Usercentrics admin interface and benefit from bot-free consent statistics.
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Screenshot of the fraud0 and Usercentrics integration

How Do Bots Impact My Data?

Basically, bots in your data lead to skewed data conformity, incorrect marketing campaign optimization, and bad business decisions. But bots also waste a large portion of your ad budget and often unnoticeably influence your budget planning, forecasting, funnel optimization and many other factors.

With fraud0’s AI-powered bot & ad fraud detection, you get full visibility into your bot traffic as well as fraudulent interactions of bots with your CMP and ads. Prioritize real people in the future and make important decisions based only on real, valid data.

Bot-Free Consent Data at Your Fingertips

Integrate Seamlessly With Usercentrics

Create your fraud0 account straightaway through the Usercentrics Admin Interface. In the newly added “Integrations” section, simply choose “fraud0”, and the system will lead you through all the subsequent steps. Once completed, the fraud0 script, utilized for identifying Invalid Traffic (IVT), will be auto-deployed by the Usercentrics CMP.
Screenshot of the integration section in the Usercentrics' Admin Interface
Screenshot of the fraud0 and Usercentrics integration

Real, Valid Data for Decisions

Once the fraud0 integration is activated, you can instantly measure the extent of your consent rate adjusted for bot interference, and comprehend the impact of bot traffic on your website and prime marketing channels. The fraud0 dashboard delivers additional insights into your data: Discover which marketing channels and campaigns are most alluring to bots, enhance your marketing effectiveness, and reduce invalid traffic automatically in real time across all your platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

How to Integrate fraud0 With Usercentrics?

Create Your Account

  • Access your Usercentrics account, choose the Settings ID you wish to connect, and proceed to the newly introduced “Integrations” option in the main menu.
  • Opt for “fraud0” and follow the provided guidelines. To set up an account, input your email address, domain, and business name.
  • Designate fraud0 as an essential service.
    Usercentrics will autonomously embed the required fraud0 JavaScript on your website. fraud0 is immediately ready for use!
Usercentrics fraud0 integration overview

Analyze Your Opt-in Data

  • As soon as the first data has arrived, navigate to the new menu item “Integrations” → “fraud0” in the admin interface.
  • Here you will find an overview of various metrics including the share of humans and bots in the Consent Interaction Rate as well as in the Consent Accept Rate
  • You can also see the share of humans and bots in your total traffic and your most important marketing channels

Optimize Your Campaigns

  • With a click on “Go to fraud0 Dashboard” you will be automatically redirected to the fraud0 dashboard
  • Here you will also get many more insights into your data in real time
  • With this data basis you can optimize the performance of your campaigns and use your ad budget optimally

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