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The picture shows the cover of the report "Unmasking the Shadows: Invalid Traffic 2024". At the bottom there is the Call-to-Action "Free Download"


Unmasking the Shadows: Invalid Traffic 2024
Learn everything you need to know about Invalid Traffic in 2024 based on our customers’ data. Including a breakdown into marketing channels, industries and much more.
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Smartphone auf welchem die TikTok App auf dem Homescreen im Fokus steht


TikTok’s massive problem with bots, fake accounts and scam
Screenshot of the fraud0 and Usercentrics integration


fraud0 & Usercentrics: Bot-free CMP statistics for everyone


Why AI surpasses traditional rule-based methods in bot detection
Cover of the report "Unmasking the Shadows: Invalid Traffic 2024"
Whitepaper - BFCM 2023 - EN Cover

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d3con Panel - Wie sich Unternehmen vor Ad Fraud schützen können

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