fraud0 & Usercentrics: Bot-free CMP statistics for everyone

Denis Kargl

Cybersecurity Content Specialist

Screenshot of the fraud0 and Usercentrics integration

More and more companies appreciate the value of data compliance and the business advantage of truthful data. Only a clean data basis creates the foundation for both the assessment of successful business activities and important corporate decision-making.

At the latest due to the GDPR, obtaining consent to process personal data has become an essential first touchpoint of companies to their website and app visitors. Without it, companies are not allowed to collect data from their visitors in most cases and consequently face the problem of lacking a holistic view of visitor behavior.

However, even with an implemented consent management solution, companies face the problem of Invalid Traffic (IVT) such as bots infiltrating the supposedly real data base and thereby distorting it. Today, over 50% of the world’s Internet traffic can be classified as invalid and originates from bots, among other sources. The consequences of distorted data can be far-reaching:

  • Inaccurate or wrong optimization of marketing campaigns.
  • False remarketing as bots end up in remarketing lists (also called remarketing fraud).
  • Distorted target groups due to the inclusion of bots.

A fraud detection solution can remedy this situation and cleanse the collected data of bots and invalid traffic, so that companies can once again rely on the authenticity of their data and only make decisions based on human user signals.

Usercentrics, a leading international Consent Management Platform (CMP), has therefore joined forces with fraud0 to provide its customers with bot-cleaned CMP statistics in the future.

fraud0 integration for all Usercentrics customers

From the beginning, Usercentrics has been very interested in providing its customers with transparent reports on the consent behavior of their visitors. Customers have thus been able to find key metrics in the Usercentrics Admin Interface for quite some time, including:

  • How many visitors interacted with the CMP.
  • How many visitors accepted, rejected or ignored the banner.
  • Data on visitor interaction from different countries and on different devices.
Screenshot of the fraud0 and Usercentrics integration

As a longtime partner of Usercentrics we are proud to announce that fraud0 is available as an integration in the newly released marketplace of Usercentrics from the very beginning. All Usercentrics customers can quickly and easily sign up for the free 7-day trial via the admin interface to clean their CMP stats from bots and other invalid traffic.

Screenshot of the integration section in the Usercentrics' Admin Interface

Through the integration, Usercentrics customers gain access to fraud0’s state-of-the-art and AI-powered on-site fraud detection solution and enjoy many benefits:

  • The fraud0 account is created in just a few clicks.
  • Usercentrics CMP takes care of the implementation of the necessary code directly so that no adjustments have to be made to the website or the tag manager.
  • The most important key figures regarding the share of bot interactions with the CMP can be viewed directly in the Usercentrics Admin Interface.
Screenshot of the fraud0 dashboard invalid traffic detection

More in-depth analyses of invalid traffic can be accessed with one click in the fraud0 dashboard. Among other things, the percentage of IVT per channel can be viewed at a glance in order to shift the marketing budget to channels with higher genuine human traffic.

Daniel Distler, Managing Director of fraud0, on the integration: “Both the team at Usercentrics and we at fraud0 know how important a solid data foundation is for companies. Through the integration and partnership with Usercentrics, we are getting a lot closer to our mission of providing companies with full transparency about their traffic, especially regarding fake traffic, and also offer valuable insights into the consent rate. In addition, we offer protection mechanisms against ad fraud – an often underestimated issue.”

Bot-free CMP data in the fraud0 dashboard

In addition to the integration via the Usercentrics marketplace and the data in the Usercentrics dashboard, fraud0 customers also receive bot-cleaned Usercentrics CMP statistics directly in the fraud0 dashboard as well as many other helpful statistics around bot-generated fake traffic.

fraud0 Dashboard - Usercentrics KPIs

The following reports regarding the CMP statistics are available:

  • Consent Interaction Rate
    Percentage of users interacting with your CMP, broken down by humans / bots.
  • Consent Acceptance Rate
    Percentage of opt-ins out of the total number of consent decisions, broken down by humans / bots.
  • Total Consent Rate
    The bot-adjusted consent rate. Results from multiplying the interaction rate by the acceptance rate. Broken down by humans / bots.

Customers of fraud0 thus continue to find all relevant data and metrics in their familiar dashboard and do not have to aggregate data across different platforms and evaluate it manually.

If you don’t have a fraud0 account yet, sign up for the free 7-day trial and see for yourself.

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