AI-Powered Cybersecurity Technology

Our AI-powered algorithm analyzes millions of requests, data points and behavioral patterns every day to provide you with actionable information about your traffic in real time.
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Deterministic Parameters

We analyze discrepancies in data using predefined criteria that allow conclusions about bots.

Browser Analysis in Real-Time

Based on certain calculations within the browser, the system identifies fraudulent activity.

Honey Pots as Bot Traps

Several hundred bot traps (so-called “honey pots”) are used. Invisible for real visitors, fatal for bots.

And over 2,000 Other Cybersecurity Challenges Taken Into Consideration

Constantly Adapting Behavior Analysis

Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, our system learns how users interact with your website and adapts itself to the actual threat. Our AI examines the behavior of each data point and identifies outliers. This method excels at detecting attacks designed to bypass rule-based detection and is especially effective against new, unseen attack types.

Pattern Detection Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Detect ad campaigns affected by invalid traffic and shift your ad budget to campaigns that attract more real human users. Filter your data by:

Self-Improving Algorithm

The more data points of traffic our AI analyzes, the better the detection becomes. Or in other words: Benefit from all our customers in the defense against bot attacks.

Protect Your Data and Analytics From Bots and Invalid Traffic

Take back control over your data and try fraud0.

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