Make Smarter Data-Driven Decisions with Insights & Alerts

Our analytics dashboard empowers you to make better decisions by giving you a holistic view of your traffic and notifying you immediately of suspicious traffic behavior.
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Get a Holistic View of All Your Traffic

Get a comprehensive overview of all your traffic with our marketing intelligence platform. Identify the proportion of invalid traffic instantly and understand where it comes from and which channels are most affected.

Optimize Your Campaigns With Valuable Insights

Detect ad campaigns affected by invalid traffic and shift your ad budget to campaigns that attract more real human users. Filter your data by:

Get Notified Instantly on Suspicious Traffic Behavior

With our powerful notification system, you are immediately informed about suspicious traffic behavior. Enabling you to react quickly to bot attacks.

Clean Opt-in Data From Your Consent Management Platform

Clean your analytics data from invalid traffic to have a real basis for decision-making. In partnership with Usercentrics, we provide bot-free opt-in and opt-out data.

Visualize Invalid Traffic Directly in Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics connector allows you to display invalid traffic directly in GA4. This allows you to make data-driven decisions based on real and clean data.

Protect Your Data and Analytics From Bots and Invalid Traffic

Take back control over your data and try fraud0.

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