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Enhancing Traffic Quality: JobNinja's Strategic Use of AI to Optimize Marketing Spend

JobNinja, a leading innovative job platform, sought to enhance their website traffic quality. By integrating fraud0, they discovered high bot rates in their Paid Search and Programmatic Display Campaigns, all on a CPC basis. fraud0’s advanced algorithms allowed JobNinja to identify invalid traffic (IVT), resulting in strategic budget reallocations of €250,000 towards channels with higher-quality human traffic. These measures led to a decrease of 60% in IVT. This collaboration set a new standard in data integrity for the recruitment sector, strengthening JobNinja’s market position and fostering user trust.
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The Challenge

In the past, JobNinja has repeatedly identified anomalies in Google Analytics. For instance, unusually high visits from Ireland were detected despite the market being primarily focused on Germany, along with significant traffic influxes from a specific partner site.

To maintain high-quality website traffic, JobNinja seeks to analyze and optimize its external traffic purchases. They were looking for a solution to delve deeper into their website traffic, identify bot- generated visits, and understand traffic sources to optimize their marketing spend effectively.

The Issue

JobNinja, an innovative job platform, is always ahead of the curve. They have embraced AI in various areas, and in this case, an AI-based solution was a natural fit. Consequently, they implemented the fraud0 tag on their website.

JobNinja integrated fraud0 to regain control over their data and gain precise insights into traffic from individual providers. Implementing fraud0 was simple, requiring just one line of code. Its advanced algorithms analyze user behavior and data patterns to detect invalid and low-quality traffic, such as bots.

Analysis revealed the highest bot rates in three Paid Marketing Channels: Paid Search and two Programmatic Display Campaigns. All three channels used a CPC (cost-per-click) model, posing a significant risk as JobNinja paid for bad traffic.

The Solution – Reallocation of Ad Spend

JobNinja can leverage these insights to strategically steer its channels toward higher-quality traffic. Once they had a sufficient data foundation, they began optimization. This involved a detailed analysis of the traffic supplied by partners. The data was then used to initiate discussions with these partners. If quality did not improve and bot or foreign traffic continued, the collaboration was terminated, and the budget from the identified campaigns was reallocated to better-performing channels and partners.

Additionally, the IP addresses of identified bots were added to the blocklists of advertising partners to further enhance traffic quality.

These measures led to the reallocation of €250,000 towards channels with higher-quality human traffic and a 60% decrease in IVT.

JobNinja’s collaboration with fraud0 has set a new standard in the recruitment sector for maintaining data integrity. This strategic move not only bolstered their market position but also fostered trust among their user base.

“AI-driven insights from fraud0 empower us to reallocate budgets for high-quality traffic.”
Mircea Popa
CEO @ JobNinja
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