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How Fraud0 Reduced Invalid Traffic on a Programmatic Channel by Over 50% in Two Weeks

mobilezone, a leading telecommunications provider, worked with fraud0 to reduce invalid traffic in their display campaigns. Implementing fraud’s technology across a programmatic channel led to a 52% reduction of invalid traffic – from 27% down to 13% in just two weeks. The ongoing optimization aims to reduce invalid traffic to below 5%.
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Invalid Traffic

The Challenge

mobilezone faced challenges with high IVT rates, impacting their budget and diluting campaign effectiveness. The need to differentiate between human and bot traffic was crucial for optimizing ad spend and improving campaign outcomes.

The issue: 27% invalid traffic across display campaigns.

In the initial stage, mobilezone aimed to gain deeper insights into their website traffic to improve their overall digital strategy.

To accomplish this, they implemented the fraud0 tag, which required only a single line of code for seamless integration. This tag was deployed on their two primary websites, DeinHandy and Sparhandy. By doing so, mobilezone aimed to collect detailed data on user interactions, identify potential sources of invalid traffic, and enhance their ability to optimize their online presence.

Initial assessments revealed that a significant portion of traffic consisted of non-human interactions, jeopardizing budget efficiency and campaign accuracy. Specifically, 27% of mobilezone’s traffic on a programmatic channel was found to be invalid throughout the campaigns.

The Solution – Block Low-Quality Domains & Apps

To fight invalid traffic, mobilezone launched the second stage by implementing fraud0’s in-ad tag, which provides detailed insights into ad delivery, viewability, and fraud techniques like ad stacking or pixel stuffing.

fraud0’s in-ad tag identified high invalid traffic rates:

  • Specific campaigns had up to 76.51% invalid interactions in app environments
  • Many high-risk domains & apps had over 95% invalid traffic

Understanding the extent of invalid traffic, mobilezone, in collaboration with fraud0, began refining their targeting and excluding low-quality domains and apps. Gradual adjustments led to improved allocation of the advertising budget. Invalid traffic significantly decreased, and the refined strategy resulted in a 52% reduction in wasted ad spend.

It is now crucial to continue monitoring ad placements to ensure ongoing optimization. This will help further reduce the invalid traffic rate and maintain it at a low level saving valuable ad budget.

“fraud0 allowed us to see wasted ad spend and redirect funds towards human engagements. So simple.”
Leif Schlüter
Performance Marketing Manager
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