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Maximizing Ad Impact: The Importance of High-Quality Inventory - x fraud0, a leading weather information platform, aimed to gain deeper insights into their website traffic. In collaboration with fraud0, discovered that 97.5% of their visitors were humans, with 73.88% being highly engaged—a sign of premium quality. During this process, they successfully identified malicious crawlers, reducing bot traffic to just 2.5% of total visitors, a notably low percentage compared to industry standards. Moreover, test campaigns demonstrate that advertising with premium publishers like is 51% more cost-effective.
Bot Traffic
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The Challenge, as a premium publisher, upholds high standards, prioritizing brand safety, fighting ad fraud, high viewability and addressability, engaging context with quality editorial content, and green media practices via supply path optimization.

With its substantial traffic volume of about 25 million MAU and 2.5 billion visits per year, is committed to maintaining the highest quality inventory. In their ongoing effort to enhance inventory standards, sought a solution to accurately distinguish between bot and human traffic and measure the engagement levels of their human visitors.

The Solution implemented fraud0’s onsite technology to detect invalid traffic, initially identifying 5.9% bot traffic. Mid-month spikes were traced to a fake Google bot. This bot didn’t impact advertisers as it never loaded ad slots, but it did impact the publisher’s high-quality, valuable content. In May, bot traffic was reduced to just 2.5%.

Additionally, 78% of users are highly engaged, spending at least 10 seconds on a page or visiting multiple pages. This high engagement rate reflects the effectiveness of advertisers’ campaigns and proves that has high-quality traffic with engaged users and low invalid traffic.

Advertisers and Premium Publishers Must Unite to Optimize Towards Humans

The analysis demonstrated that attracts high-quality traffic. An additional campaign test aimed to prove that this traffic becomes even more cost-efficient for advertisers in the long run.

While CPM still often garners the most attention, evaluating traffic quality provides a more accurate perspective. The calculation below shows that when focusing only on CPM, premium publishers like seem costlier compared to those in open auctions.

However, when considering the engagement level of users directed to the website, the true value emerges. Ads with a premium publisher like are ultimately 51% more cost-effective, attracting highly engaged users who are more likely to convert into buying customers.

Across all our clients, we observe significant IVT in the programmatic space, so we advise focusing on premium publishers. This approach optimizes ad spend towards genuine human engagement.

Media Spend Comparison for One Campaign 

“Advertisers and premium publishers are both being robbed. We have to join forces to fight fraudsters.”
Marius Neumann
CEO at
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