Intercept Bots on Your Platform in Real-Time

Our AI-powered bot detection allows you to intercept bots in real time and take further action based on their signals.

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Flag Bots Within Your Funnel

Enrich your CRM with information on whether a contact form was sent by a real person or a bot. Or automatically cancel orders that have verifiably been made by a bot. Use our AI-supported bot detection to flag bots at various stages of your funnel – according to your wishes and setup.

Stop Wasting Money on Session-Based Tools

Prevent the firing of tools when invalid traffic is detected. Minimize your costs by no longer paying for invalid sessions that are actually generated by bots.

Add a Second Security Layer Whenever You Need It

You can add a second security layer at any time if required. For example, you can integrate an additional CAPTCHA into your website or block the corresponding IP address in your network as soon as our algorithm has detected invalid traffic.

Protect Your Data and Analytics From Bots and Invalid Traffic

Take back control over your data and try fraud0.

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