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Works with your favorite DSP

Übersicht der unterstützen DSP-Anbieter, dargestellt durch ihre Logos
Übersicht der unterstützen DSP-Anbieter, dargestellt durch ihre Logos

fraud0 helps you to...

Detect fraudulent impressions
Ensure your ads are seen
Deliver your ads in the right Geo
Protect your brand reputation

Maximize your campaign performance

Measure your ads with our ad verification solution

Minimize fraudulent impressions

Our advanced bot and ad fraud detection technology is now available in your ads. We detect fraudulent impressions and help you block fraudulent websites and apps by providing detailed reports and block lists for your campaign management.

Your trading desk will love our product because our software detects more fraudulent impressions than other products and helps them get better results for their employer or client.

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Drive Media Effectiveness through viewable ads

To be effective and valuable, your ads need to be seen, not just delivered.

Advertisers can look at viewability as a proxy for digital performance. We help you measure the viewability of your ads and show you detailed placement-level information so you can optimize your campaigns. We also offer custom viewability definitions.

Easily connect with your DSP

We have everything you need for an easy integration with your existing DSP.
Übersicht der unterstützen DSP-Anbieter, dargestellt durch ihre Logos

Your own definition of a viewable impression

Set up your own custom viewability standard. Choose the viewability definition that suits you.
  • Align visibility metrics with business goals
  • Predefined metrics for immediate use
  • Various parameters at your disposal (e.g. Time-in-View, Video Player Size and more)

Protect your brand reputation

The huge amount of unsafe and inappropriate content on the Internet represents a real minefield for big advertisers. Fake news, radical political content, terrorist or sexually sensitive websites: These are placements you don’t want your brand associated with.

We offer brand safety features to avoid such environments and protect your brand’s reputation.

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