Optimize Ad Campaigns with Audience & Placement Protection

Enhance audience quality and protect your ad placements so that every campaign reaches its true potential with precision and protection.
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Automatically Exclude Invalid Audiences

Minimize invalid traffic in real time by automatically excluding detected bots via IP address on all your channels (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok etc.) and with the help of Negative Audience Lists from further retargeting.

Keep Your Audiences Free From Bots

Prevent the firing of your tracking pixels when invalid traffic is detected. Minimize fake users in your audience lists and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns – on all your channels.

Performance Max Campaigns Taken Literally

By adjusting the conversion value, audiences created by our software can also be used and excluded in Google’s Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns.

Drive Media Effectiveness Through Viewable Ads

To be effective and valuable, your ads need to be seen, not just delivered. Measure the viewability of your ads, detect fraudulent impressions and get detailed placement-level information to optimize your campaigns.

Set Your Custom Viewability Standard

Set your own definition of a visible ad and choose the standard that suits your marketing.

Avoid Harmful Ad Placements

Protect your brand’s reputation by avoiding ad placements in unsafe and inappropriate environments such as fake news, radical political content, terrorist or sexually sensitive websites.

Easily Connect With Your DSP

We have everything you need for an easy integration with your existing DSP.

Prioritize Real People

Separate profitable ad campaigns from campaigns that deliver almost exclusively bot traffic. Optimize your marketing performance and allocate ad budget more efficiently and effectively, optimizing your channel mix.

Protect Your Data and Analytics From Bots and Invalid Traffic

Take back control over your data and try fraud0.

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