Fake Consent – The cost of bad data and why bots are often the cause

Everything you need to know about bots, their ambition to interact with cookie banners and how fraud0 can help you protect your ad budget and data.


The GDPR has profound implications for the way companies collect and process data. A central aspect of this regulation is consent to the processing of personal data. It forms a first essential touchpoint for a correct data basis in companies.

But what happens when the consenting user is not actually a human, but a bot? If consent is already falsified through the use of bots, false data will flow through all systems – from analysis to retargeting to customer relationship management.

This ultimately leads to distorted results and inefficient marketing measures.

The consequences:

  • In the U.S. alone, companies lose three trillion dollars annually due to unclean data
  • 21 cents of every media dollar is wasted due to poor data quality
  • Companies lose valuable money due to ad fraud: Currently, about 65% of companies are affected by ad fraud attacks at least weekly – 13% even daily

Download the whitepaper for free and learn everything about the impact bots have on your business and how to protect yourself.

Key facts

1 in 5
bots intentionally accepts all cookies via a cookie banner in order to be included in retargeting lists
of companies are affected by ad fraud attacks at least weekly – 13% even daily
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