Is Elon Musk right? How much fake traffic is out there?

At the latest with Elon Musk’s intention to buy Twitter and the accompanying discussions about the proportion of fake accounts on the platform, the topic has reached everyone.

Our webinar “Fraud Detection in Online Marketing” in collaboration with Usercentrics and the “Godfather” of Bot Detection himself Dr. Augustine Fou takes a look at Bots, Fake Traffic and ad fraud on the internet.

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Webinar - Is Elon Musk right? How much fake traffic is out there?


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How advertising fraud works
  • How to find bot traffic in your own analytics data
  • The influence of bots on your Usercentrics opt-in rate
  • How to protect yourself from bots and fake traffic

Dr. Fou graduated from MIT with a PhD at 23, spent 9 years advising Google on bot detection and is considered one of the leading scientists in the field.


Dr Augustine Fou portrait foto
Dr. Augustine Fou
Independent Fraud Researcher
Tilman Pfeiffer
Tilman Pfeiffer
Co-Founder & CEO
Tilman Harmeling
Tilman Harmeling
Senior Expert Privacy
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