d3con Panel - How companies can protect themselves from ad fraud

The damage caused by ad fraud was already 100 billion dollars in 2022 – an unimaginable sum and almost 25% of global digital advertising spending. But does ad fraud affect me in my online marketing? And what can I do to protect myself from it? Daniel Distler explores this question together with leading advertisers, using concrete examples to decipher the often intangible topic of ad fraud and discuss possible solutions.

d3con Panel - Wie sich Unternehmen vor Ad Fraud schützen können


Our CMO Daniel Distler talks to Bianca Nagel (Apollo) and Tobias Lange (Popken Fashion Group) about ad fraud, how it affects the various channels, and how they use the ad budget they save.

Recording of the d3con 2023 panel – only in German.


Bianca Nagel
Bianca Nagel
Head of Onsite & Performance Marketing
Tobias Lange
Tobias Lange
Head of Online Marketing
Daniel Distler
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