How fake traffic has infiltrated your marketing & analytics data

The rise of the fake web has become a pressing issue in today’s digital landscape. Using modern AI, it is now trivial to spin up 100,000 fake bot accounts with human-like behavior for less than a penny per account. We are coming to the end of this version of the internet, and it will be replaced by something completely different. It has never been easier to program bots with human-like behavior and buy them on a large scale for little money.

How fake traffic has infiltrated your marketing & analytics data


Our COO Daniel Distler talks to Tilman Harmeling (Usercentrics) about what the rise of AI-generated content, deep fakes, manipulated social media accounts and the spread of disinformation mean for your marketing and analytics data. Furthermore, they provide you with 5 free tips about what you can do today without any additional cost.


Daniel Distler
Managing Director & COO
Tilman Harmeling
Tilman Harmeling
Senior Expert Privacy
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