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Munich – March 02, 2023 – The Munich-based ad fraud and digital analytics experts at fraud0 have brought marketing expert Daniel Distler on board as their new Co-Founder. Daniel Distler will strengthen the company’s management in the position of CMO with immediate effect, taking on responsibility in many more areas internally in the future. Initially, Daniel Distler will be responsible for expanding the areas of marketing, customer success and product development together with CTO Florian Loretan and the development team. He thus complements the existing team of experts.

Daniel Distler is making the move from telecommunications giant Telefónica Germany to the young, up-and-coming Ad Fraud & Ad verification startup. At Telefónica Germany, he was responsible for several strategic digital transformation projects, was temporarily in charge of digital branding and built up the company’s initial ad tech stack. In recent years, Daniel Distler managed the Performance Marketing & Data-Driven Advertising of the o2 brand and was thus responsible for one of the largest online marketing budgets in Germany. In total, Daniel Distler has 15 years of digital marketing experience. In 2022, he is also launching privately with the already very successful online marketing podcast “My Marketing is better than yours”.

“We are happy to have Daniel, as one of the leading digital marketing experts in Germany, join us. With his know-how, we will further develop fraud0 technology and establish ourselves in the market as ad fraud specialists with even higher solution expertise,” says Co-Founder and CEO Tilman Pfeiffer.

Daniel Distler adds: “Ad fraud is one of the biggest problems facing the advertising industry. The damage caused by advertising fraud amounted to over 100 billion US dollars worldwide in 2022 alone. This is equivalent to almost 25% of all digital advertising budgets. Ad Fraud & Ad verification measurement is an essential pillar to change this. At the end of the day, it’s about spending ad budgets more efficiently and delivering ads to real people instead of bots & fraudsters. This should be in everyone’s interest, and I’d love to help advertisers use the marketing budget they have more efficiently thanks to our technology.”

Daniel Distler on social media: LinkedIn

About Fraud0

fraud0 is a Munich-based ad fraud and digital analytics company, helps advertisers make their digital marketing more efficient. A key component of fraud0’s solution is the detection and prevention of ad fraud – one of the biggest issues in the advertising industry.

In addition, fraud0’s solutions increase the quality of ads served with proprietary ad verification methods. With the help of these methods, advertisers can determine whether purchased ads were even in the visible area, how long ads were seen and whether the booked environments complied with certain quality guidelines (brand safety). fraud0’s detection algorithms were developed in accordance with the strict data protection principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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