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Denis Kargl
Denis Kargl
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Porträtfoto von Florian Loretan vor einem dunklen Hintergrund

Munich-based cyber security startup fraud0 gets reinforcement in technical management.

Munich, 21.02.2023 – The Swiss web technology expert, Florian Loretan, with 20 years of experience in the software industry – among others, he worked at and e-bot7 – will take over the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at fraud0 GmbH with immediate effect.

Around 57% of global internet traffic originates from bots and fake users. As a result, about 20% of digital ad spend is wasted (about $100 billion in 2022). Munich-based ad fraud and digital analytics company,, helps its clients to use marketing costs more efficiently and to detect and block Invalid Traffic. Using an AI-based SaaS solution, fake users are excluded in real time. The startup’s CEO, Tilman Pfeiffer, was able to recruit Florian Loretan, a renowned tech executive, to join the team. “With his experience in Big Data at Scale, Florian is an excellent fit for the position at the top of and will contribute significantly to further improving the current product and developing new features”, says Pfeiffer.

The accomplished technologist looks back on many years of versatile experience in leading agile software teams and has proven IT expertise, especially in the areas of data engineering, DevOps and scaling web technologies. With his enthusiasm for using innovative technologies to creatively solve problems, he has been a regular speaker as well as an organizer for major international events in the open source community. His focus over the past years has been on strong teams that encourage and promote each other and make room for new talent. According to Loretan, it was not only the product that was decisive for the commitment at; he was also convinced by the already existing team. On his LinkedIn profile, the following quote can be found: “I’m a geek at heart, but I believe that focusing on people is the key to making great software.” Together with Florian, now plans to be the European market leader in ad fraud by the end of the year. fraud0 CEO Tilman Pfeiffer: “With Florian, we have been able to gain a strong leader and experienced CTO who will provide us with significant support on our journey.”

With his technical expertise, he strengthens the management team and focuses primarily on the further development of the AI-based algorithm for bot detection. The focus of Lorentan’s activity will be the continuous optimization of data analytics. “Due to the large amount of data we have at our disposal, we have the opportunity to understand bot attacks in real time and actively take action against them,” says Florian, who hopes to use his skills to help the Munich-based company achieve a breakthrough. “We have exciting challenges. Tackling them together with a powerful team is the biggest incentive for me.”

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